Dog Grooming

At K9 Playtime we believe that regular grooming is essential to your dogs well being, health and comfort. We also include a half day (2 – 5 hours) of doggy daycare with your grooming appointment. Regular dog grooming should occur year round, not just when it starts to get hot in the summer time. As such, we offer a number of different services to cater for different times of the year.

Our range of services include

  • Our Full Grooming Package
  • Quick Groom (Tidy Up)
  • Every Day Pamper Package (Bath, Blowdry and Gentle Brush)

We have a simple online booking service and we do require that you book your appointments online. This allows you to view all our available grooming appointments and easily book your dog in. Just select which day and time suits you best and follow the prompts.

All our grooming appointments include a half day (2 – 5 hours) of Doggy Daycare included. Your dog just needs to be friendly & social, up-to-date with vaccinations (C5) and desexed if over 8 months of age. If you would like to book in for Doggy Daycare for your grooming appointment, just select the option that includes doggy daycare and we will be in touch.

To avoid missing out on an appointment, ask us about booking your dog in for a regular appointment.

Please note:

Cancellations with less then 24 hours notice will incur a $70 fee, payable before you can rebook. As we groom by appointment only, your dog must be picked up within 15 minutes  from completion of its groom. Our booking system provides you with an estimated length of time for your appointment.

We reserve the right of refusal for groom aggressive dogs or dogs with fleas or ticks.

Prices are subject to change at any time, with the the listed prices being subject to factors such as matting, the condition of the coat and breed type.